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What’s cooking in the Opus Brewery?

Opus Brewmaster, Jason Barnett, utilizes an all-grain, custom built homebrewery to produce high quality beer. In order to bring you fresh, locally sourced, and unique beer, Jason takes a trip to shuk every Sunday and builds a recipe based on seasonal ingresients. This dynamic brewing philosophy allows us to bring you a unique selection of Israeli beer that is in constant rotation.

Here’s Jason on what brewing means to him:

“Beer and the Jewish people share a rich, ancient history. A recent discovery revealed that the world’s oldest known brewery was in the Carmel mountains. A team of archaeologists found three 13,000-year-old stone mortars with traces of ancient starches used for brewing beer. An Egyptian recipe for beer was discovered in ancient hieroglyphs, and went on to explain that the physical laborers who built the pyramids were “paid” in daily rations of beer. Rav Chisdat and Rav Papa were Torah scholars as well as brewers in the Babylonian exile. James Armand de Rothschild and Gaston Dreyfus established the first commercial brewery in the Land of Israel in Rishon LeZion in 1934. When I brew, I feel connected to all of that history and to brewers all over the world. That’s why all of our beer has a historical tie in. When we brew, we are connected to the 13.000-year-old search for a more perfect beer”


Here’s what’s cooking this week at the Opus Brewery:


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